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Review from ITEA Journal:

BW393 Toccata for Brass (MMV)

Volume 34 Number 4 - Summer 2007
Toccata for Brass (MMV) by Randy Snyder. Brassworks 4 Publishing: 461 Sunrise Pkwy (4301 N Dustin Ave), Farmington, N.M. 87401. $14. (New Price $17)

Randy Snyder (b. 1960) leads a very active musical life, filled with jazz, wind ensemble, trumpet master classes, and performing with a resident brass quartet in the Houston area. (This answered my initial question of why such nice writing with optional parts for horn, euphonium, or two trombones was not scored for brass quintet). This would however make a nice addition to a brass quintet folder if only to have a work that gives the tubist a breather.

There are basically four major thematic ideas that get passed throughout the group. Sometimes these ideas appear as fragments in the accompaniment figures and at times are elongated and use a bass line. The writing is interesting without becoming too busy and overbearing. Voices are treated with great equality and thematic material happily dispersed through all the parts. The accompanying voices go through some excellent “changes,” which would keep the work very interesting and listenable for all audiences.

As in all the Brassworks 4 publications I have seen, the parts are very clean, well printed, with great attention to making the work accessible to many combinations and clefs of instruments. This work would be suitable for any type of church prelude or special music, a nice addition to a school clinic setting to demonstrate voicing and part movement, or “gig music” while the tubist is at the buffet.
~Phillip C. Black, Wichita State University, Wichita Symphony