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Review from ITEA Journal:

BW384 Cathedral Rondeau

Volume 35 Number 1 - Fall 2007
Cathedral Rondeau for brass quartet by Randy Snyder. Brassworks 4 Publishing, 461 Sunrise Parkway (4301 N Dustin Ave), Farmington, N.M. 87401. $14. (New Price $17)

Randy Snyder is currently the Fine Arts Dept Chair at San Jacinto College North in Houston, Texas and has composed and/or arranged works for marching band, concert band, choir, jazz band, brass quintet, brass choir, as well as solo pieces and numerous other ensemble settings.

Instrumentation for Cathedral Rondeau is C trumpets, trombone, euphonium or trombone (Optional B-flat trumpets, horn in F included). Range for the parts is trumpets g to f2, trombone c to f1, euphonium F to b-flat. The score and parts are very easy to read and are extremely clear. The writing and voice leading are effective and well done. This is a short piece that is in cut time and does contain compound meter material, though for the most part the rhythm is not complex, there are instances of some very fast ornamentation that might be a slight issue for a younger performer. Range requirements are minimal and the use of varied dynamics is excellent and could serve as a wonderful developmental tool in a younger chamber group. Overall, this piece is well within the intermediate level and is a good addition to the brass chamber library.
~Chris Combest, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign