Who we were, what we did and how it all came to be


3 guys and a gal made up Brassworks 4, the most "fun-loving" brass quartet in the country.

Together from 1994-2003, Brassworks 4 has entertained hundreds of audiences from New York, NY to San Francisco, CA.

Take a "walk" through this photo gallery and share our memories with us.  We've had many laughs and smiles along the way.  We will always treasure you, our audience - you were a hoot to entertain!

After browsing the old photos, grab another cup of coffee and read how it all came to be.
Once upon a time...

Give My Regards To Broadway Show
Give My Regards To Broadway Show
Give My Regards To Broadway Show
What we did best... Play!
NY Skyline
National Anthem at Coors Field
Carnegie Hall
San Francisco Trolley Fun
Lincoln Center Fountain Gig
Choo Choo in Silverton, CO
Vicki and the Vapo-Rubs
A Fun Photo Shoot
Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band
w/ NM Governor Gary Johnson
Visiting the VLA
Christmas at the Mall
Bowling during our Hi-Line Tour of Montana
Ocean fun in San Francisco
Wedding in Santa Fe with our biggest fan
Havin' some fun after the game
Lombard Street, San Francisco
Keepin' us out of trouble
NY Tour
First Official Photo Shoot
Our First Calendar Shot
Christmas in New Mexico
Another fun shoot with Sherrie
Narrow Gauge in Silverton, CO
NM Great Performers in NY
Western Slope Tour
Renaissance Faire
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Niagara Falls

Thanks for a dream come true

A few words to the guys in the group... from the gal in the group...

Playing professionally was a dream come true for me. And doing it with you guys was more fun than I could ever imagine.  It was truly the time of a lifetime. And so I have a few words I'd like to share with you guys:

Gal in the Group

coffee - closure - Mi-ick - proofing - prunes, rhubarb, applesauce - do the math - chicken fried steak - conserto - stella - hereford - sushi - dancing - si cy - not that there is anything wrong with... - dona nobis pacem - laughs - bowling - chateau briand - doug eagle - gorilla food - no one comes here anymore, too crowded - jackalope - 24/7 - bernalillo exit - tears - behoove - fourth on the third - orvis - mr hollands opus - you know what they can do to improve this place - french dip - needles, pins, triplets, twins - might as well, can't dance - litchners - coors field - as opposed to... - camouflaged thermos - your ass - minnie & villie - montrose - chicken feet - chocolate mousse - 3 guys pizza - san luis - skank - wellness - sam adams - hot tubs - enjoy - playing carnegie hall - one of the guys/not one of the guys - silverton - biohazard - corned beef hash - calendars - glue - weddings with turtles - white skivvies - anchor steam - muddy shirt - singing at the met - strater - gold points - san francisco - black river traders - wellness - vicki - optician - fish net - old audiencs - Böhme - love

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