Psalm 84 - How Amiable are thy Dwellings

Psalm 84 - How Amiable are thy Dwellings

Composer: Schutz
Arranger: Joblin, David
Choir I: 2 Bb Tpt, Bb Tpt/F Hrn, Trb, Choir II: Trb/F Hrn, 2 Trb, B Trb
Double Quartet Choir - 8 piece
Arranged for a brass choir consisting of 3 trumpets and 5 trombones (with alternate parts also provided), this work is approachable by a high school level ensemble. This arrangement has been set in two choirs with the antiphonal writing split between the two groups. All parts are interesting and, with the flowing contrapuntal melodic lines, it would make a great piece on a concert or recital.
Duration: 5:50





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